Yoga & Surf Special

Yoga & Surf Special Package


Get into the full experience of how yoga and surfing are complementary to each other and enjoy 14 days of the perfect balance. Our Yoga & Surf Special Package in Weligama is designed for those who finally want to learn how to surf and bring body and soul together.

Two weeks full of activities are included in your package, starting with your 5 days Learn-to-Surf Program. With one surf session per day, our experienced surf guides will teach you all the important surf basics in theory and practice and how to catch your first own waves. To support your body throughout these 5 days and build the strength necessary for surfing, you’ll be able to take part in 2 yoga sessions per day. Our yoga sessions are carefully crafted to supplement your daily surfing. Take part in our After Surf Deep Stretch to give your body some love with a few post-surf stretches that will also help reduce muscle soreness, increase flexibility and promote relaxation.

After 5 days of learning to surf, you’ll focus on your meditative state and feel grounded and in tune with your body. Take 3 yoga sessions per day until the end of your stay. We created a varied yoga schedule that offers you 3 to 4 different sessions and styles per day. Revitalise your body in the morning and start your day with an early morning Hatha sequence followed by Pilates at midday. Find your focus and clear your mind in a gentle class of restorative Yin yoga in the afternoon. Experience the healing frequencies of singing bowls, releasing tension and helping you unwind, destress and connect with your inner self – ohm shanti indeed.

Our unique and relaxed surf camp in Weligama is the perfect location for a Yoga & Surf retreat. A relaxed place with an open jungle yoga shala deck surrounded by soothing green nature within walking distance of the beach. Enjoy daily surfs, sunsets, moments of relaxation, long beaches, spa treatments and more. We make the most of your time, the waves and your (inner) balance.

The minimum stay at our surf and yoga retreat in Weligama is 14 days. You need to check in between June 1st and June 08th.

Use the voucher “YOGASURF” on checkout. 

After submitting the booking enquiry our sales team will get back to you with the offer adjusted.



7 days a week, 2-3 x daily


5 days LTS-program

Fresh Food

Daily breakfast & 5 x dinner a week

Relaxing Atmosphere

Pool, spa & green surrounding

  • Twin Beds (No bunks) Dorm style
  • Air conditioned
  • Within Colonial Building
  • Private pool
  • Air conditioned room with bunk beds
  • Exterior & Interior Showers
  • Twin or double bed
  • En suite bathroom
  • Shared or private air conditioned room
  • Twin or double bed
  • En suite bathroom
  • Shared or private air conditioned room
  • Twin or Double Bed
  • En-suite bathroom
  • Shared or Private air conditioned room
  • Double Bed with en-suite bathroom
  • Equipped with Desk & Chair
  • Private Pool
  • Double Bed with en-suite bathroom
  • Open-air kitchen with bar counter
  • Private Garden

Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer is subject to availability and can be withdrawn without notice.
  • The offer cannot be combined with any other discounts, vouchers, or special offers and is only valid by using the discount code “YOGASURF” or when requested on writing.
  • The prices and add-ons mentioned in the offer are subject to adjustment by the sales team, and the final quote will be provided by them.
  • The special offer is subject to a minimum 2-week booking.
  • The offer includes a 5-day Learn-to-Surf program, with one surf session per day, and one extra yoga session per day during these 5 days. After these initial 5 days, surf lessons are not included.
  • After the initial 5 days, guests will be able to join up to 3 yoga sessions per day for the remainder of their stay.
  • Check-in dates are available for the 2-week special only between 1-8 June. Guests can book for longer, but after these 2 weeks or for any extra night staying at Kima after June 22nd, normal Kima prices are applied.

Please note that the availability of the Yoga & Surf Special Package in Weligama is subject to change, and Kima Surf cannot guarantee availability until a reservation has been confirmed. Any booking made under this offer is subject to the terms and conditions of Kima Surf, which are available on our website.