Kima surf camp
in Hiriketiya

Surfing in Hiriketiya 

The Kima Surf yoga & fitness resort Hiriketiya is conveniently positioned in a lush, green tropical environment, your new secure and comfortable eco-luxury home away from home. Chilling will come natural in the natural jungle surroundings whilst you guiltlessly indulge yourself in Kima’s newest eco-friendly resort, our surf camp in Hiriketiya.


The camp is situated near the famous Hiriketiya Bay and one of the most stunning surf beaches on Sri Lanka’s south coast. The waves are perfect for beginners to intermediates. More advanced, uncrowded waves are merely a brief Tuk Tuk ride away.


Surfing is at the heart of Kima and our program, team and top-of-the-range equipment are unparalleled. Our add-on fitness programs compliment the surfing and our breezy training center overlooking the pool is the perfect space to learn and practice those important surf specific stretches.


Incl. seven days a week, twice a day


Free surf video analysis & surf theory sessions


Incl. six days a week


Daily breakfast & dinner five times a week


Surf transfers incl.

Gym & Fitness

Fully equipped on 150 m²


Pool, sun lounge & dining


Only minutes away


Incl. seven days a week, twice a day


Free surf video analysis & surf theory sessions


Incl. six days a week


Daily breakfast & dinner five times a week


Surf transfers incl.


Fully equipped on 150 m²


Pool, sun lounge & dining


Only minutes away

What’s waiting for you at our surf camp in Hiriketiya, Sri Lanka

Enjoy a tropical lifestyle retreat with delicious, locally sourced & cooked meals, as well as surfing, fitness, body therapies, yoga and a variety of cultural and therapeutic activities.


Chilling will come naturally in the jungle surroundings. Built on an acre of raw jungle, 200 m from the beach, we can tell you that not only will you be highly satisfied with your experience, but you will have experienced the pure heaven of the deep south of Sri Lanka.


We have luxury cabanas, a dorm, a family room, and a secluded jungle-view double room. All accommodations are spacious and furnished with AC, fridge, charging points, modern facilities and extremely comfortable beds.


Our state-of-the-art jungle yard has been designed to be very surf specific and training will be a big highlight to your stay at the Kima surf camp in Hiriketiya. We have specific surf performance training programs that you can add on to your package helping you increase your surfing level enormously throughout your stay.

Pure island lifestyle

Experience the tropics in their purest form. Breathtaking jungles – beach & ocean adventure!  Where else in the world can you get your morning coconut sent to you straight from the garden? Come and experience the bare foot lifestyle!


With a short drive to the famous Hiriketiya, there is so much to offer. This stunning island town has grown very popular in Sri Lanka with boutique hotels and delicious restaurants to accommodate you whilst you explore the area. From a chilled dinner to dancing under the stars, there is something for everyone.


Experience a one-of-a kind stay in our unique boutique hideaway. Kima surf camp Hiriketiya has private en-suite rooms and cabanas. Each nook is tastefully decorated and arranged in an urban jungle. manner to inspire you throughout your visit.


Taking inspiration from local jungle huts, whilst adding western luxuries, the rooms are a special part of the Kima Hiriketiya surf camp experience.

Surf Guiding

Surf twice a day, every day of the week!

Your package includes surf guiding in the price of your Kima Sri Lanka surf camp Hiriketiya stay.

We co-ordinate surf trips daily, seven days a week, for all levels, to various breaks around southern Sri Lanka.


Our guides have many years of experience in this remote south coast of Sri Lanka to make your experience enjoyable whilst avoiding the crowded areas to get the most out of your water time.


You can join with two guided sessions every day. Smaller groups are divided into skill levels and go to surf spots taking current tide, swell and wind conditions into account. For beginners we recommend booking our five-day Learn-to-Surf Sri Lanka package.

Our Kima Surf camp guides surf with you in the water, giving you all the tips and keeping you safe. The guides know and will teach you to understand the waves – we will tell you everything you need to know about the surf spots. Our guided surf tours adapt to the local and area conditions – depending on the swell, some secret surf spots could be part of your trip!

The digital surf planner allows you to select the surf sessions that suit you best. This happens the day before surfing at the surf camp in Hiriketiya. The Kima Surf Sri Lanka team will help you to make your choices – we are here to help and get you in the water confidently.

Some surf sessions are filmed and then analyzed. This can occur up to six times a week. Join the theory lessons that are offered six times a week. Both filmed and theory options are included in your package.


Do not worry about bringing a board or multiple boards, we have them covered. We supply shortboards – 6’2“ – 6’6“, funshapes and mini-malibus -6’8“ – 8’0“. We also have a range of soft top boards, available for every level and all conditions.

Included in the rental price are leashes and Lycra. Please note that repairs or equipment that is lost will need to be paid for.


Surf with confidence and insure your rental board. Board insurance will cover the costs for repairs as required over a period of one to three weeks, whether it’s a small ding, (dent) or a snapped board. All damage is professionally repaired. Note: If parts of the board get lost – even in the water – the repair costs will be paid by the user.

Sri Lanka Surf Camp - Learn to surf in casual waves-1


Our surf camp in Hiriketiya is located in the perfect position for beginner surfers. Right outside our camp doors are waves that are ideal for riding your first green wave and learning the basic surf skills.

For total beginners we recommend joining our five-day surf school package with a beginners’ surf course in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Surf Camp - Surfing Intermediate Weligama


For intermediate surfers, Sri Lanka has a whole series of various beach breaks and reef breaks on offer.

There are many perfect waves nearby that will push your skills and hopefully make you an advanced surfer by the end of your stay.

Kima Surf Sri Lanka - Advanced Surfing - 1


Of course, advanced surfers also get great value during a Sri Lanka surf trip. We’ll talk to you about all the tides, weather and options that are possible.

The camp will have guests of all levels of surfing, you will meet other capable surfers and our experienced guides will give you inside details on advanced options.

Yoga For Free

Daily yoga sessions are included in your surf camp package at Kima Surf Hiriketiya.

If you are looking for a break from surfing and looking to relax and unwind, join our in-house yoga classes. Six days a week, Monday to Saturday, we offer yoga classes. This is a great way to improve your strength and flexibility as well as your focus and balance. These skills are also some of the most important aspects of surfing too!


Our classes are open for beginners as well as experienced yogis and we offer different styles of yoga including Hatha, Yin Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. If you are interested in a private class, our yoga teacher can also guide you through a 60-minute private session.

Food + Drink

The restaurant in our Kima surf camp Hiriketiya opens at 7 am for breakfast. Throughout the day we offer various international and local cuisine that is created in house by our chef.
The grounds of the hotel have over 140 different fruit trees. We also incorporate their fruit into meals. We only use the best and freshest ingredients and have dishes that cater to vegans and vegetarians.

Our delicious breakfast options are available from 7 am to 11:30 am at the surf hotel in Hiriketiya. Free tea and coffee are available every day until 6 pm. Our breakfast with a choice of a fresh fruit juices, a starter such as a fruit salad or pancakes, and a main course like eggs or curries is included in the camp price. There are always vegan and vegetarian options.

Join us for group dinners at the camp or beachside on five nights a week. We offer a diverse and healthy menu of local food options. Our casual group dining experiences allow you to meet surfers and good people from around the world. There are always vegan and vegetarian options.

The cost of living in Sri Lanka is fairly low. A healthy and filling meal (e.g. fish with a side dish) costs around 3 €. The obligatory evening beer on the beach is likely to be the most expensive thing on the Sri Lankan food menu. Fruit salad or rice & curries can be found even on the most remote beaches. Our restaurants in the Hiriketiya surf camp and beachside offer a variety of Sri Lankan dishes.

In Hiriketiya there are several good restaurants with high-quality food that cater to western tastes.


Our water dispensers around the camp offer you access to unlimited drinking water. Use our water dispensers around the camp and refill your water bottle as often as you want. This also helps to keep Sri Lanka a little more plastic-free.

Room Price Includes Free


Seven days a week, twice a day


Six times a week


Dinner five days a week


Free flow 7 am to 6 pm


Six times a week


For surf guiding sessions


Various events during the week


Every Friday night


Free Wi-Fi


7 am to 11 pm


For your camp feedback


Six days a week, one daily session


Please enter your dates below 


From € 46 p.p/n

  • 2 Bunk Beds and 2 Single Beds
  • Air Conditioned
  • 2 Shared Bathroom

From € 60 p.p/n

  • Twin or Double Bed
  • Air conditioned
  • Shared Bathroom

From € 115 p.p/n

  • Twin or Double Bed
  • Air Conditioned
  • En-suite bathroom with small garden

From € 132 p.p/n

  • Double bed air conditioned room
  • Equipped with desk & chair
  • En-suite bathroom with plunge pool


Our surf camp in Sri Lanka goes on daily explorations to surf spots close by or further away. Thanks to our years of experience, we will bring you to the best breaks, beaches and surf spots along the southern coastline. We travel around in small groups with Tuk Tuks and are guided by the wishes and abilities of our guests. That means at least 14 surf sessions a week.

What would a surf vacation be without the social program? We can help you to organize day trips to the cultural highlights of Sri Lanka – forts, tea plantations & temples, great shopping locations and dining options along the coast. If you prefer being adventurous, we can help arrange hikes across the hills or hop on the train for scenic views of Sri Lanka.

Prefer exploring the surroundings yourself? We can help arrange Tuk Tuks or private drivers to get you out on your adventures. Please tell us one day in advance should you wish to organize a driver! We can also assist you in arranging an independent scooter rental. Important: An international driver’s license is necessary in order drive any vehicle in Sri Lanka. The standard European or Australian driver’s license in card-format is not sufficient.

We can arrange to pick you up from the airport and bring you back in time for your departure. If you stay at the surf camp in Hiriketiya, we bill 129 € per person and drive. In case your pickup point or your destination is not the Bandaranaike International Airport or you’re already in Sri Lanka, please speak to our team during the booking process and we will be happy to assist. Please make sure to inform us about your flight or address minimum 72 hours before transport is required, so that we can ensure to have a driver is booked for you.

Information about COVID-19

We are determined to maintain the COVID-19 related safety protocols, as set out by the Ministry of Health and the SLTDA.

Due to the ongoing global pandemic of COVID-19 we have made the following changes to the reservation terms and conditions effective 01/09/2020 until further notice.

  • Any changes to a booking will no longer carry an administration fee of 50 €. Any and all changes will be free of charge.
  • Guest can request a full refund should they have to cancel their stay due to travel restrictions enforced by COVID-19 (Please note – any transfer fees will be carried by the cancelling guest).
  • Any postponed stay can be taken at any given time or date, there will be no expiry or time limit.

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Activities in Sri Lanka

Beginner Surf School 

New to surfing? We recommend you join our five-day Learn-to-Surf program. During the five days we will teach you all you need to know to become a surfer. After the first day of LTS you might even be ready to join our Kima guided sessions. The LTS program will help you to build your surfing skills in the quickest time possible.

Explore Galle Fort 

The Dutch fort of Galle is a one-hour drive away and must-see while on surf vacation in Sri Lanka. Massive walls and beautiful lighthouse make for an excellent day trip in the south of Sri Lanka.

Day trip to Yala National Park 

A must-do! Discover Sri Lanka’s amazing landscape off the beaten track. With an early morning start head to the best national park in the country.

River Cruise on Koggala 

Koggala Lake is located on the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka and has many tiny islands to explore! We can help to arrange a boat trip around the lake and lagoon during your stay.