Your Sri Lanka
surf holidays


Sri Lanka is genuinely a year – round holiday spot! The high season falls between December to mid April with temperatures staying fairly constant all year round. Between October to February the West and South coasts gets most of the sun, while during the months of May to August the weather is more dry and sunny on the East Coast.

Sri Lanka’s surfing spots – are suitable for all surfing levels, from absolute beginners to professionals and with water temperatures of 26-30 °C, you can surf all year round. Leave your wetsuit at home when going surfing in Sri Lanka!


Sri Lanka is a small tropical island off the southern tip of India, with a population that lives and celebrates their centuries old traditions. In Sri Lanka culture traditions are held in high regard, and many of the daily customs are focused around and influenced by their heritage of Theravada Buddhism, which was passed along from India. Sri Lanka is a multicultural society, and therefore its not surprising to find a high level of cultural and festive events taking place. We welcome you to come and experience the culture of Sri Lanka! 


Sri Lanka’s coastal regions are fairly touristy with a newly developed infrastructure particularly in the south of the island. Restaurants, western inspired cafes, shopping spots and medical clinics with western standards have been established around the areas of Welligama and Galle. Larger hospitals, shopping malls and cinemas can be found in the city of Columbo.

The breathtaking scenery with its luxuriant, tropical vegetation and the famous tea plantation is the setting for religious ceremonies and worship.
The mystical atmosphere is still evident throughout the island.


In Sri Lanka, if you’re open for new experiences, you will get to know many captivating people, discover the unbelievable beauty of nature and maybe even manage to take some of this peace and serenity home with you.

You really have to experience the wonderful island of Sri Lanka for yourself during your surfing holiday, and appreciate its wealth of culture and nature – and of course its perfect waves. Keep your eyes peeled and always be ready for a new experience. Then you’ll see that Sri Lanka really is a paradise and you’ll understand why we have come to call it home.